Knee Pain

back pain reliefThe knee is the largest joint in the human body and it performs many critical functions related to walking, sitting and standing.  Pain in the knee is the most common reason for doctors’ visits for bone and joint pain.  Standing on your feet puts pressure on your knees.  Standing on hard surfaces can increase the pressure on your joints, especially the knee, resulting in pain and inflammation.  Aging and athletic activity can increase the wear and tear on the knee which additionally leads to greater pain.  Misaligned ankle bones and feet can also cause greater strain on the knee.  Pain in the knee can cause people to change their lifestyles often adopting a more sedentary lifestyle which could lead to other health issues such as obesity.  Obesity leads to even greater pressure on the knee which exacerbates the pain leading to an even more sedentary lifestyle.  It’s a vicious cycle that you can stop.

Your feet are the foundation of every step you take.  Hydrothotics give you relief from knee pain by providing cushioning for your feet which in turn cushion the impact of walking or running to your knees.  Plus the custom arch support you get from Hydrothotics help keep your feet aligned so your ligaments and joints don’t have to overcompensate causing your knees to function improperly leading to greater knee pain.

So if you suffer from knee pain when standing or walking give Hydrothotics a try.  Your knees will thank you.  Your pain will be reduced.  You can get back to your active lifestyle.